Shearwater Perdix AI

the Perdix AI uses its large, easy-to-read screen to clearly display the tank pressure as well as your gas time remaining (GTR). The Perdix AI is capable of connecting to either one or two transmitters giving the diver the option to monitor both tanks or dive sidemount.

All in one:

OC Recreational
3 gas nitrox computer for the serious recreational diver
Optionally air integrated
Information is displayed on the configurable bottom row

OC Technical
Trimix enabled by default
Optionally air integrated

Closed Circuit/Bailout
Trimix enabled
Constant PO2 for closed circuit
Optionally air integrated for diluent, oxygen and bailout gases

Depth, time, resettable stop watch function
Full dive logging*
Tank pressure information accessible in the information screens

Air Integration ( Not includes)


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